Keylect: A simple key based voting service.
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What's Keylect?

Keylect is a web service that facilitates the creation of polls with single-use uuid-identified ballots. Each voter of a poll can be provided their own unique ballot without having to register or enter any additional information like a username, password or email.

What type of polls can I create with Keylect?

At this time only Approval voting is implemented.

How can I create a new poll with Keylect?

If you'd like start creating your own poll, click here:

Alternatively, if you have an id and key of a poll you can load it for editing:

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library_books Load a poll:

You need both the ID and key of a poll to load it for editing.

post_add Create a poll
create Edit a poll

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Use the "add row" button to add a candidate row for each candidate that will be presented to your voters. Once you are satisfied with what has been setup or after you make any changes to your candidates, click on the "set candidates" button to save them to the server.

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You'll want to create one ballot for each person that will be voting in your poll. After a ballot is created for a voter you'll see a link that you should send them; the link will contain the ballot's ID and should not be shared with anyone else.

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Close poll

When you want to close the poll and get results, use the button below. Note that you cannot reopen a poll after it's been closed.

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